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Day 1 - March 13th (Wed)
Day 2 - March 14th (Thu)


Time Note Speaker Title
10:00 N. Maru Enhancement of diphoton decay and Higgs mass in gauge-Higgs unification (slides not available)
10:50 Break - -
11:10 E. Rinaldi Light scalars from extra dimensions
12:00 E. Lambrou Hunting a continuum effective five-dimensional field theory via lattice simulations
12:20 Lunch - -
14:00 N. Irges Gauge-Higgs Unification on the Lattice: Analytical results
14:50 F. Knechtli Gauge-Higgs Unification on the Lattice: Monte Carlo Results
15:40 Break - -
16:00 Discussion session

Phenomenological insight for good model.

How to detect Kaluza-Klein modes.

Formalism of the lattice fermion in 5D.

Renormalizability of the gauge theory in 5D.

18:00 Social Dinner (2 hours) - Location: LIBRE at Machikaneyama Hall
Day 3 - March 15th (Fri)
Time Note Speaker Title
10:00 J. Hetrick Gauge correlators on the lattice and the Hosotani mechanism
10:50 A. Nakamura A few topics in the lattice gauge theory out of the main stream
11:10 Break - -
11:30 K. Oda Cutoff scale physics after Higgs discovery
12:20 T. Kakuda Phenomenology Universal Extra Dimensions at the LHC and Electroweak precision test
12:40 Closing - -
13:00 Lunch - -
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