The 10th International Workshop on Accelerator Alignment
February 11-15, 2008
KEK, Tsukuba, Japan



This International Workshop on Accelerator Alignment followed the CERN Accelerator School (1986) and the nine dedicated IWAA workshops at SLAC (1989), DESY (1990), CERN (1993), KEK (1995), APS (1997), ESRF(1999), SPring-8(2002), CERN(2004) and SLAC(2006). These workshops are devoted to the large scale metrology and high precision positioning ("alignment") of particle accelerators, reviewing and investigating there all suitable advanced techniques capable of accuracies from 0.2 mm to a few micrometers over long or large dimensions.

Participants are mainly coming from laboratories, institutes, universities or companies relating to particle physics, synchrotron light, medical or industrial applications of accelerators - or concerned with other scientific equipment as well.

People dealing with engineering survey and large scale metrology for industry or with the development and manufacturing of instruments usually find also here many subjects of interest -- hence the opening to other professionals and scientists.

Please note that the Local Organizing Committee for IWAA08 will not accept papers related to military activities, pursuant to the announcement made by Science Council of Japan in 1950, and Resolution No.3 issued by The Physical Society of Japan in 1966.