Radiation monitoring

Radiation monitoring

Please note that the Workshop venue is in Fukushima prefecture, 80 km away from the Fukushima Dai-ichi Nuclear Power Plant.
The radiation levels there are low (0.1~0.2 μSv/hr) due to the distance and surrounding mountains, while the natural level was 0.06~0.08 µSv/hr.
Therefore the venue is not at all dangerous to any level to the participants.

By choosing this venue we also wanted to set a sign to the public that the science community is able to scientifically deal with the accident.

The latest monitoring data are:
Inawashiro-cho City Hall (in Japanese)

Monitoring agricultural foods in Inawashiro district (in Japanese)
(from the Fukushima prefecture government web page):
Measurement method(in Japanese)
(New limits to be allowed for distribution: food in general (<100 Bq/kg), raw milk (<50 Bq/kg), etc., since April, 2012)

Monitoring information of environmental radiation level by MEXT.