On Jun/19(Sat) from 18:20, immediately after all the parallel sessions are over, we organize a Bunraku (traditional Japanese puppet theater) play at the conference site. The play will be performed by Makabe Shirai-za, a group of enthusiasts from Makabe town just north of Tsukuba mountain. Please visit their homepage below, which are in Japanese. If you click the second item in the page list under `HOME', you can view the pictures from their last performance.

More general information about Bunraku and its history can be found from the following page.

The idea that the role of "Kuroko" (the shadow puppet master) in Bunraku may be similar to that of the Higgs boson in particle physics was given to us by Prof. Yuichi Takayanagi. It was he who asked an artist, Kazuyuki Asakura of Studio-R to design the masterpiece: Higgs particle and Bunraku

Here are some photo pictures taken after the Bunraku theater performance. A big picture (about 1.2Mbyte) appears by clicking a small one (about 4kbyte). We thank Shuji Higeta of the KEK Public Relationships office to take those pictures and let them available to the participants.

For further information, contact: <susy04@ml.post.kek.jp>

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