The SUSY 2004 poster (with text:1.9MB, without text:1.7MB) will appear upon clicking the picture on the top page. Here is the Genesis story behind the picture.

About 12 km north of KEK is Mt. Tsukuba, which is about 876 meters high. Mt. Tsukuba has twin peaks; on its east peak one finds the shrine for Izanami, the goddess, and on its west peak is a shrine for Izanagi, the god. According to Kojiki, the oldest history book of Japan written in the 8'th century, Izanagi and Izanami jointly stirred mud with a pike, and a drop from the spearhead started our world. We interpret this drop as the starting of our big-bang cosmology, and we may appreciate the growth of initial fluctuation into our universe. The toad in the background symbolizes Mt. Tsukuba, and the `four-six-toads' with four fingers in their forelegs and six in the rear, produce medicine for cuts. The medicine made Tsukuba mountain and its toads famous among Japanese people a few hundred years ago, and you can still meet the toads and buy the medicine at shops around the Tsukuba mountain shrine on the hillside.

The basic idea of the poster was given to us by Satomi Okada, and the poster was designed by an artist, Kazuyuki Asakura of Studio-R. You can view his another masterpiece for the particle physics community here: Higgs particle and Bunraku, which was included in the pamphlet "GLC", promoting the Global Linear Collider project.

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