Proceedings of SUSY 2004 will be published as a volume of the KEK proceedings series. We request all the speakers to send the write up of their talks to the e-mail address:

by the deadline:

2004/September/15 (Wednesday).

The length of each contribution should be

plenary talks: 12 to 16 pages
parallel session talks: 4 pages

unless we request otherwise. The above page limits may be enforced rather strictly in order to make a one volume proceedings.

Here are the 3 text files needed to produce the proceedings template.

You may copy the above files in the same directory, LaTeX template, obtain template.dvi, and produce or template.pdf.

Once we receive your contribution as a ps file, we will link it to the title of your presentation, in the `Conference program' page. Please view it and let us know if you find any problems.

For further information, contact: <>

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