Scientific Program

The physics topics of the workshop will include the following subjects: Structure Functions and Low-x, Diffraction and Vector Mesons, Electroweak and Beyond the Standard Model, Hadronic Final States, Heavy Flavors, and Spin Physics. In addition, we plan a special session on the Future of DIS. The present status and prospects of these subjects will be discussed in the working groups, and summarized in the plenary talks.
Presentations and proceedings are accessible from here.


Working Groups and Convenors:

The parallel sessions will be organized as working groups. All the participants wishing to give a presentation at the parallel sessions are requested to contact the convenors of the appropriate working group directly via e-mail.

Structure Functions and Low-x:
Vladimir Chekelian (MPI Munich) 
Claire Gwenlan (Oxford)  
Robert Thorne (UCL)

Diffraction and Vector Mesons:
Heuijin Lim (ANL)
Laurent Schoeffel (Saclay)
Mark Strikman (PSU)

Electroweak and Beyond the Standard Model:
Lorenzo Bellagamba (Bologna)
Emmanuel Sauvan (Marseille)
Hubert Spiesberger (Mainz)

Hadronic Final States:
Zoltan Nagy (Zurich)  
Thomas Kluge (DESY)
Juan Terron (Madrid)

Heavy Flavors:
Uri Karshon (Weizmann)
Ingo Schienbein (SMU)
Paul Thompson (Birmingham) 

Spin Physics:
Stefano Forte (Milan)
Yuji Goto (RIKEN)
Dirk Ryckbosch (Gent)