For Speakers:

General instruction:

The followings are available for all sessions in the conference:
- Video projector
- Notebook PC (Windows)
- Laser pointer
( Overhead projectors for plastic transparencies are available only on request.
For those who prefer transparencies for your talk, please
send notification mail to well in advance to your talk.)

Presentations are highly recommended to be prepared
in one of the following digital forms:
- PDF (recommended)
- PowerPoint
- PostScript
(for more instruction, see later).

All speakers is requested to upload your slides to
the DIS06 agenda web site by the day before your talk
(for more instruction see later).
Wireless LAN is available in the conference building.
Several computers (Win) are available in the computer room (room 304).
If you had problems in uploading your slides to the DIS06 agenda
web site, please bring your slides in memory stick and consult to
scientific secretaries by one day before your talk.

All speakers are requested to refrain from using your own
computer for your talks due to tight schedule of the conference.
We will prepare one computer for each session -
please use this computer for your talk.
Thank you very much for your kind understanding.

Slides will be downloaded to the computer in the morning of the day
 by scientific secretaries. You can check how your slides look
 on the screen before your talk.

Instruction for slides:

How to upload slides to agenda web site:

Please follow the file naming convention as below:

Then, upload your slides as follows:

  1.  Visit the DIS2006 agenda web site
  2.  Go to the page where your talk is listed
  3. Click on "Modify" (top of the page)
    Password is requested, which will be sent to you by the WG convener.
  4.  Click your talk title, click "attach files", click "file upload".
     Please select "Type of material" as "transparencies".
  5. Close the modify window

After uploading, please immediately check that your upload
is successful by launching a new browser and visiting your talk.

In case you have problem, ask the scientfic secretary in the session,
who is operating the PC, or visit room 302 (DIS2006 conference office).