Papers for the Proceedings

The Workshop Proceedings will be published as a special issue of Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research, Section A (a journal published by Elsevier Science).

Participants presented talks or posters at the ACAT03 Workshop are invited to submit their contribution papers. The papers will be referred by the ACAT03 Program Committee and the submitted papers are not necessarily accepted, especially when they have been published elsewhere or are expected to be published elsewhere.

The manuscripts should be written in English and prepared in the LaTeX format using the template for NIMA provided by the publisher, which is found at


See also the Instruction to Authors

Since the total pages of the special NIMA issue is restricted, there are the following upper limits on the numbers of pages of the contribution papers:
Plenary talks
up to 8 pages
Talks at parallel sessions (40 min.)
up to 6 pages
Talks at parallel sessions (20 min.)
up to 4 pages
Poster presentations
up to 4 pages
Summary talks
up to 6 pages

These pages includes all texts, references, tables and figures. There are no color pages in the proceedings and the figures must be black and white.

Please send all necessary files (LaTeX texts, figures, additional macros, etc.) by e-mail to

The deadline for the submissions of the contribution paper is 

February 14, 2004

Since this deadline is tightly related to further publication procedure and an agreement with the publisher, ALL contributions sent after the deadline will be AUTOMATICALLY rejected.