The group photo of the workshop, which was taken 22 April, has been posted on the web. Please take a look at!!

The Asian Linear Collider workshop 2015 (ALCW2015) will take place at KEK in April 20-24, 2015. The workshop will be devoted to accelerator, physics and detector aspects of future high energy electron-positron linear colliders. This workshop is the first Asian regional workshop since the start-up of LCC. Being different from the past regional workshops in Asia this workshop is co-organized by KEK, ACFA, and LCC and a new session organization is attempted; detector sessions consists of several mini-workshops of detector concept and R&D groups.

The workshop, being organized at a critical time for the ILC project development in Japan, will have a special focus on the ILC progress in Japan. The ILC event will be held in the middle of the workshop, April 22, at the University of Tokyo, where participants from out side of scientific community get together with us and discuss issues to promote ILC. We hope to have as many participants as possible in Tokyo and accelerate processes to launch the ILC project.

We are looking forward to seeing you in Tsukuba and Tokyo !

Yasuhiro Okada, Chair of the International Organizing Committee
Akiya Miyamoto, Chair of the Local Organizing Committee


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