Fundamental Physics Using Atoms

August 4 - 5, 2021

20:00-25:00 (Japan)

Organized by KEK and RCNP

In recent years, fundamental physics using various media such as atoms, molecules, neutrons, electrons, and muons has been promoted all over the world. This conference aims to strengthen these efforts by bringing together recent research results, discussing future prospects, and expanding research networks. In this workshop, we will discuss the latest results and prospects beyond the border of fields such as nuclear physics, particle physics, atomic physics, and quantum optics from both experimental and theoretical perspectives, and lead to the progress of research.

Due to the recent situation of the pandemic, the workshop will be held online. Although it is virtual, we will hold a tour of J-PARC's muon and neutron facility in order to share the latest facility information with you.
The scientific program will consist of invited talks of various fields and contributed talks. Participants who wish to be considered for contributed talks must submit their contribution by July 4th. The full agenda is currently under development.

Confirmed speakers

electron g/2, Xing Fan (Harvard)
neutron, Kenji Mishima (KEK)
nEDM, Bernherd Lauss (PSI)
molecular EDM, Ronald Garcia Ruiz (MIT)
lepton theory, Makiko Nio (RIKEN)
muon, Tsutomu Mibe (KEK)
anti-hydrogen, Takamasa Momose (UBC)
nuclear clock, Christian Schneider (UCLA)
hadron theory, Jordy de Vries (UMass)