KobeG4Workshop.pdf (2-up|6-up): Trip tips at Kobe kindly sent us from Dr. Makoto Asai may help you. It's recommended to print it out and carry with you during the workshop.

Conference Site

The workshop venue is Kobe University. Kobe University locates near the down town of Kobe. The seminar hall named as ‘KOBE University Centennial Hall (神戸大学百年記念館, Kōbe-Daigaku-Hyaku-Nen-Kinen-Kan)’ is used for the workshop. The main hall can have 150 seats and an additional meeting room (40 seats) is also available.

Getting to Kobe

The city of Kobe is vivid and beautiful city which has the sea and mountain. Kobe is easily accessible from the Kansai Airport by Limousine Bus bound for “Kobe Sannomiya (神戸三宮, Kōbe-San-no-Miya)” (time required: 65 min. /fare: 1,800 JPY). “Kobe Sannomiya (神戸三宮, Kōbe-San-no-Miya)” station locates the center of downtown of Kobe. You can reach your hotels on foot (less than 1km). Using railways is not recommended because it is difficult to change trains for foreigners.

Details of access to Kobe can be seen here.

Please try to use a flight to Kansai Airport not to Narita Airport. Kobe Airport, a domestic airport, locates near the downtown of Kobe. But, there is no direct flight from Narita to Kobe Airport. You need to go Haneda Airport or use ’Shinkansen (新幹線)’ if you arrive Narita.

Getting to ‘Rokkodai (六甲台, Rokkō-dai)’ campus of Kobe University

Map 1. Around Sannomiya station
Map 2. Around Rokko station

By public transportation

Kobe University locates near the down town of Kobe. At “Sannomiya (三宮, San-no-Miya)”, go to Hankyu Railways and get onto the Kobe Line concourse (No. 3) bound for “Umeda (梅田)”. Take a LOCAL train and get off at “Rokko (六甲, Rokkō)” station (3rd stop, time required: 6 min./fare: 180 JPY). Be careful to take a train bound for “Umeda (梅田)” (train heading to East). Trains depart from Concourse No.3 go both direction. DO NOT take RAPID, EXPRESS train, which do not stop at “Rokko”.

After you pass the ticket gate at “Rokko” station, turn left and go downstairs. Then go along the road to North (Mountain side) and you will find a bus stop. Take the bus going to “鶴甲団地, Tsurukabuto-Danchi” (Bus Line 36 heading to North) and get off at “神大文理農学部前, Shin-dai-Bun-Ri-Nōgakubu-mae” (Kobe University Faculty of Letters, Science and Agriculture). (3rd stop, time required: about 5-10 min./fare: 200 JPY)

NOTE: Do not miss the bus stop “Shin-dai-Bun-Ri-Nogakubu-mae”. Rokkodai campus of Kobe University locates on steep hill side. It is very difficult to reach the conference site even for Japanese if you get off at wrong bus stop.

By taxi

The taxi service from Sannomiya Station to the University is also available. It takes about 20 minutes by taxi (about 3,000 JPY). Please ask the driver to go to “神大農学部前, Shin-dai-Nōgakubu-mae”.

NOTE: Kobe University has many campus scattered and some drivers do not know exact place and route to each campus. Please show the Map#2 and point out ‘KOBE University Centennial Hall’.

After arrival at Kobe Univ.

The workshop venue, ‘KOBE University Centennial Hall’ (No.32 in the map) locates at the south end of “Rokkodai (六甲台, Rokkō-dai)” campus. (3 min. walk from the bus stop)