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  1. You are required a pair of user name and password to access it. It is shown on a pop up window with messages, e.g. “username: makoto   password: abc#123  XYZ (<-- Type it with NO SPACE)” while you are newly accessing there. You should type makoto for user name and abc#123XYZ for password (remove the space character from a shown password) in this example. As of further information, the indico operation team changes its password as well as user name every day in order to protect it against nasty attacks (e.g. DoS).
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Scientific Programme

Geant4 User Session (October 6-8, 2008)

Plenary sessions

  • invited talks on Geant4 simulation activities for experiments (LHC, ILC, super-B and KAMLAND)
  • invited talks on Geant4 activities on medical and space applications in Japan
  • status reports by the Geant4 developer team
  • discussion between users and developers (Use cases and Physics List)
  • Geant4 Technical Forum

Parallel sessions

  • Users presentations
    Please submit an abstract by using the online form (registration fee is reduced for users who give talks on user sessions)
  • Geant4 Examples for medical applications
  • Validation on Geant4 processes

Poster session for students

Poster session for students is planed on Monday afternoon 6th Oct. The contents of poster presentation are

  • results of simulation (Geant4 and/or other packages) for user application
  • plans of using Geant4 for user application

A1 size area (594×841mm) will be provided for the poster session. Please submit an abstract by using the online form (registration fee is reduced for students who give poster presentations)

Geant4 Collaboration Workshop (October 9-11, 2008)

The collaboration workshop is closed to the collaboration members. (If you are working in collaboration with Geant4 members and want to attend the collaboration workshop part, please ask collaboration members to endorse your participation)

Scientific Organizing Committee

John ApostolakisCERN
Makoto AsaiSLAC
Giacomo CuttoneINFN/LNS
Peter GumplingerTRIUMF
Hisaya KurashigeKobe University
Alberto RibonCERN
Takashi SasakiKEK
Hajime YoshidaShikoku University