Workshop on Hadron Structure at J-PARC

November 30 - December 2, 2005

KEK, Tsukuba, Ibaraki, Japan


Satellite Workshop on Polarized Proton Beam at J-PARC

November 29, 2005

KEK, Tsukuba, Ibaraki, Japan


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Third Announcement



This is the third announcement of the Workshop on Hadron Structure at J-PARC and its Satellite Workshop on Polarized Proton Beam at J-PARC. Latest information will be distributed through e-mail and/or be available from our Web page, .


We hope that participants check the schedule before the workshop because there may be slight schedule changes.


We are looking forward to seeing you at the workshop.




* Scientific Program

The workshop program is announced at .


* Proceedings, Presentations

We do not publish proceedings; however, your presentations will be posted online. Please provide us the pdf file of your presentation during the workshop. If your pdf file is ready before the workshop, please send it to


* Accommodation

The participants are accommodated either the urban hotel:

or the KEK dormitory .

A bus will be arranged for taking participants from the hotel to KEK.


* Travel information for foreign participants

Please read the access information at .

For example, if you arrive at the Narita international airport, you need to take a bus from the Natita airport to the Tsukuba center .

Then, you may take a bus ,

or you may take a taxi to the hotel or KEK. The taxi cost is about 2500 yen. It would be a good idea to show the map of the hotel to the taxi driver by printing out the access information page of the hotel web.


* Travel information for Japanese participants

Please read the access information at .


* Workshop Site

All sessions will be held in the seminar hall of the building #3 (San-gou-kan) of KEK. The access to KEK is illustrated at (Japanese) and (English).


* Registration

Participants of the workshop should register online at .

The registration fee is 5,000 Japanese Yen. The payment must be done at the registration desk at the workshop site with CASH (Japanese Yen) only.


* Get-together Party

There will be a get-together party on the evening of November 30.


* Correspondence

All the correspondence concerning the workshop should be addressed to a co-chair of the workshop, Dr. Shin'ya Sawada.

TEL: +81-29-864-5680, FAX: +81-29-864-5258, e-mail:


* Organization

Organizing committee:

Shunzo Kumano (KEK) (co-chair) Shin'ya Sawada (KEK) (co-chair)

Yuji Goto (RIKEN and RBRC) Naohito Saito (Kyoto)

Advisory Committee

Hideto En'yo (RIKEN) Osamu Hashimoto (Tohoku)

Tetsuo Hatsuda (Tokyo) Ken-ichi Imai (Kyoto)

Tadafumi Kishimoto (Osaka) Jiro Kodaira (KEK)

Osamu Morimatsu (KEK) Shoji Nagamiya (KEK)

Makoto Oka (Tokyo Tech) Toshi-Aki Shibata (Tokyo Tech)

Katsuo Tokushuku (KEK) Koichi Yazaki (TWCU)