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Poster session

The poster session will be held on 5th Nov (Fri) in the seminar room. The size of board is A0 portrait. Tape will be provided to attach the poster on the board.

Before the poster session, we have a session for the indexing of posters. All the poster presenters are asked to give 2 minutes introduction of the poster. The slides will be collected before the lunch time.

Poster presentations

Poster session indexing
J. Foley
Flavor-singlet meson and multi-hadron spectroscopy using a new hadron correlator algorithm [pdf]
K. Ishiguro
Equation of state and magnetic monopoles in SU(2) gluon plasma [pdf]
K. Kanaya
QCD thermodynamics with Wilson-type quarks [pdf]
Y. Koma
Lattice QCD study of the heavy quark potential [pdf]
H. Matsufuru
Phase structure of SU(2) gauge theory with adjoint Wilson fermions [pdf]
A. Nakamura
Confinement/Deconfinement Mechanism and Quantum Field Singularity [pdf]
Y. Nakamura
Finite temperature QCD with SLiNC fermions [pdf] awarded as the best posters
Y. Namekawa
Charm quark system on the physical point in 2+1 flavor lattice QCD [pdf]
J. Noaki
Light meson physics with dynamical overlap simulations [pdf] awarded as the best posters
H. Ohno
A method to calculate meson spectral functions with a variational method in lattice QCD [pdf] awarded as the best posters
H. Saito
The deconfinement phase transition in heavy quark region [pdf]
awarded as the best posters
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