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Information on the conference site

* Wireless LAN in Ricotti

The Wireless network is available in the conference rooms (Main Hall, room 1 and 2).

However, because of the rigid security, in the Main Hall you can connect the wireless network
with only the AES encryption which is the latest method of the encryption.
Please check whether the wireless adapter or card of your laptop computer can cope
with the AES encryption or not, if you want to use the wireless network in the Main Hall.

In the room 1 and 2, you can use the wireless network with WEP encryption as usual.

* Map of Ricotti

The room No.13 on the second floor (3F) is
the conference room "Room 1 and 2".

The room No.1 on the ground floor (1F) is
the conference room "Main Hall".

The symbol of red triangle on the ground floor indicates
the entrance of the building.