♦ First Bulletin
  ♦ Second Bulletin

Second Bulletin (10 April)

A mail to registrants sent on 9 April is attached below.


The on-site registration will open from 15:00 to 17:00, 19 April (Sun) and after 8:30 20 April (Mon) during the workshop except 22 April (Wed). The registration desk is at the first floor of Kenkyu-Honkan Bldg.(M01) in a KEK map, http://www-conf.kek.jp/past/alcw2015/maps.html

  The registration on 19 April (Sun) is only for those who have completed on-line payment. On site payment will be open from Monday to Friday except Wednesday. A payment by credit card will be accepted only on Monday and Tuesday, while a cash payment will be accepted in all four days.

  At the registration, you will receive several items including a name tag, tickets for lunch boxes from Monday to Friday except Wednesday, and a questionnaire sheet. The questionnaire is to count where you will get on a bus on Wednesday, the day of Tokyo event. Please return it by Tuesday lunch time. The bus travel plan is described below. The name tag will be used as a ticket for the banquet ( Food Festa ).

  A ticket for the special banquet for accompanying persons will be sold from Monday till Tuesday lunch time at the registration desk. A ticket costs 10000 yen. Please pay in cash.

The workshop time table

The evolving time table of the workshop can be found at https://agenda.linearcollider.org/event/6557/timetable/#20150420

How to access Tsukuba and KEK

The information to access KEK can be found at http://legacy.kek.jp/intra-e/access/

The information for KEK visitors on the web has been updated recently, which is available at http://www2.kek.jp/rso/eng/index.html The time tables of public transportation to KEK can be found at http://www2.kek.jp/rso/eng/Access/index.html

Bus services from 20 April to 24 April

Daily transportation from Monday to Friday except Wednesday
For those who have reserved accommodation through our travel agency, JTB Kanto Co., bus transportations have been scheduled as follows.

  • Hotel Shinonome: A hotel bus departs for KEK at 8:00 AM
  • Urban Hotel: Two services to KEK, starting from 8:00 AM
  • Toyoko Inn Kenkyu-Gakuen-eki: A bus arranged by the workshop departs from Kenkyu Gakuen Station for KEK at 8:00 AM.

  In addition, we have arranged two buses from Tsukuba Station. The departing time is 8:00 AM.

  The exact locations of bus stops at Kenkyu Gakuen Station and Tsukuba Station will be announced later on our web, http://www-conf.kek.jp/past/alcw2015/

  In the evening, buses will leave for your hotels after the last session.

Bus transportation on Wednesday for Tokyo Event
On Wednesday, 6 buses will be operated for travel to Tokyo. One bus route starts from KEK, stops at Urban Hotel, and go to Tokyo. Another route starts from Tsukuba Center (Hotel Shinonome), stops at Kenkyu Gakuen Station, and go to Tokyo. Note that Hotel Shinonome is about 5 min. walk from Tsukuba Station. The departing time is 8:00 AM.

  A return route is from Hotel New Otani to KEK, stoping all hotels.

  A questionnaire will be provided at the registration in order to count the number of people who use the bus transportation. Please fill the form and return to the registration desk by Tuesday. lunch time.

Oho 1-1, Tsukuba, Ibaraki 305-0801