Poster Session

P-01 LiteBIRD: Lite (Light) satellite for the studies of B-mode polarization and Inflation from cosmic background Radiation Detection Masashi Hazumi (KEK)
P-02 Optical design for LiteBIRD Kimihiro Kimura (KEK)
P-03 Mitigation to the spectral dependent polarization angle for achromatic half-wave plate Tomotake Matsumura (KEK)
P-04 Systematic effects in the polarization map of LiteBIRD observation Ryo Nagata (KEK)
P-05 Simple foreground cleaning algorithm for detecting primordial B-mode polarization of the cosmic microwave background Nobuhiko Katayama (Kavli IPMU)
P-06 Component separation with hierarchical Bayesian Takahiro Morishima (Tohoku University)
P-07 Thermal design of adiabatic demagnetization refrigerator for sensor cooling Shunji Ueda (NIMS)
P-08 Overview of POLARBEAR-2 experiment Yasuto Hori (KEK)
P-09 The mechanical design of the focal plane of the POLARBEAR-2 experiment Hideki Morii (KEK)
P-10 Characterizations of high thermal conductive IR filter using alumina Yuki Inoue (The Graduate University for Advanced Studies (SOKENDAI)
P-11 Laboratory calibration system for large focal planes with superconducting CMB detectors Masaya Hasegawa (KEK)
P-12 Rapid modulation of CMB polarization using a half-wave plate on the Atacama B-Mode Search Tom Essinger-Hileman (Johns Hopkins University)
P-13 The Cosmology Large Angular Scale Surveyor (CLASS): instrument overview Joseph Eimer (Johns Hopkins University)
P-14 Characterization and performance of a kilo-TES sub-array for ACTPol Grace Emily (Princeton University)
P-15 Cryocooling system on a high-speed rotating stage Shugo Oguri (KEK)
P-16 Development of MKID camera for future ground-based CMB observations Kenichi Karatsu (NAOJ)
P-17 Influence of quasiparticles in the intra-gap states on the noise of a MKID Takashi Noguchi (NAOJ)
P-18 Calibration system with modulated polarization source for superconducting detectors at 0.1 Kelvin Kenta Takahashi (RIKEN/Tohoku University)
P-19 Hybrid MKIDs with ground-side deposition - A novel method for microwave detection with a resonator separated from an antenna Hiroki Watanabe (The Graduate University for Advanced Studies (SOKENDAI))
P-20 The development of MKIDs and its low nois amplifier for CMB experiment Mitsuhiro Yoshida (KEK)
P-21 Low noise readout system for MKIDs with frequency-domain multiplexing technique towards application of CMB observation Yoshiaki Kibe (Okayama University)
P-22 Transmission line type STJ coupled with a broad-band antenna for millimeter and sub-millimeter wave detections Satoru Mima (RIKEN)
P-23 Cross-correlation of WISE galaxies with the cosmic microwave background Tomotsugu Goto (Niels Bohr Institute)
P-24 Constraint on a decaying vacuum energy from WMAP9 yr Riou Nakamura (Kurume Institute of Technology)
P-25 Stacking analysis for detecting the ISW effect at the local universe Atsushi Nishizawa (Kavli IPMU)
P-26 Planck constraints on single-field inflation Sachiko Kuroyanagi (Tokyo University of Science)
P-27 Lensing reconstruction from CMB polarization map with bias-hardened approach Toshiya Namikawa (Kyoto University)
P-28 Principal component analysis of modified gravity using cosmological measurements Shinsuke Asaba (Nagoya University)
P-29 Magnification bias affects weak lensing statistics Jia Liu (Columbia University)
P-30 Applications of the Einstein-Aether gravity to CMB and magnetogenesis Shohei Saga (Nagoya University)
P-31 Polynomial Chaotic Inflation Fuminobu Takahashi (Tohoku University)
P-32 21cm line fluctuations, gravitational wave, and PBH or UCMH formations in type-III hilltop inflation Kazunori Kohri (KEK)
P-33 Determination of neutrino mass hierarchy by 21 cm line and CMB observations Yoshihiko Oyama (The Graduate University for Advanced Studies (SOKENDAI)
P-34 Probing cosmic (super-)strings with CMB Keitaro Takahashi (Kumamoto University)
P-35 Constraint on the multi lognormal magnetic field from the CMB Dai Yamazaki (NAOJ)
P-36 Non-linear curvature perturbation in multi-field inflation with non-minimal coupling Jonathan White (YITP, Kyoto University)
P-37 Polynomial chaotic inflation in supergravity : toward observable B-modes Kazunori Nakayama (The University of Tokyo)
P-38 Averaging and entropy of an inhomogeneous universe Masaaki Morita (Okinawa National College of Technology)
P-39 Towards inflation in maximal gauged supergravity Masato Nozawa (KEK)
P-40 Gravitational reheating after multiple field inflation Yuki Watanabe (RESCEU, The University of Tokyo)
P-41 Towards reliable modeling of cosmic infrared background radiation Tomonori Totani (The University of Tokyo)
P-42 CIBER foreground study for the near infrared background measurement Toshiaki Arai (The University of Tokyo, JAXA)
P-43 CIBER-2: Current status of the Cosmic Infrared Background ExpeRiment 2 project Mai Shirahata (JAXA)
P-44 Absolute measurement of the cosmic near-infrared background using eclipsed Galilean satellites as occulters Kohji Tsumura (JAXA)
P-45 Absolute measurements of cosmic infrared background using Galilean satellites with Subaru/IRCS Ko Arimatsu (The University of Tokyo, JAXA)
P-46 Search for cosmic background neutrino decay Yuji Takeuchi (University of Tsukuba)
P-47 Development of Nb/Al superconducting tunnel junction detector of a single infrared photon to search for radiative decay of the cosmic background neutrinos Takuya Okudaira (University of Tsukuba)
P-48 Development for superconducting tunnel junction on SOI to search for radiative decays of cosmic background neutrino Kota Kasahara (University of Tsukuba)
P-49 Galactic foreground dust emission based on the AKARI far-infrared all sky diffuse map Takafumi Ootsubo (Tohoku Unuversity)
P-50 NASCO -NANTEN Super CO Survey- : Understanding the foreground component associated with the Milky Way Hiroaki Yamamoto (Nagoya University)
P-51 Comparison of NASCO (NANTEN Super CO survey) map with infrared map; in preparation for the comparison with Planck CMB map Ryuji Okamoto (Nagoya University)
P-52 Diffuse galactic light in a field of translucent cloud MBM32 at high galactic latitude Kimiaki Kawara (The University of Tokyo)
P-53 Three-dimensional magnetohydrodynamic simulations of galactic dynamos Ryoji Matsumoto (Chiba University)
P-54 Construction of global magnetic field structure model in spiral galaxies with three dimensional magneto-hydrodynamic simulations Sho Nakamura (Tohoku University)
P-55 Magnetohydrodynamic simulations of galactic dynamo including cosmic rays and supernovae in disk galaxies Yuki Kudoh (Chiba University)
P-56 Proposal of a new model on the Galactic turbulent magnetic fields and microwave Haze emission Kazushiro Fujiki (Tohoku University)