First circular
                  KEK theory center workshop on
  Hadron physics with high-momentum hadron beams at J-PARC in 2013
             January 15 - 18, 2013, KEK, Tsukuba, Japan


The workshop on hadron physics with high-momentum hadron beams at J-PARC
in 2013 will be held from January 15 to January 18, 2013 at KEK, Tsukuba,
Japan. This workshop is intended to discuss possible hadron-physics
projects by using the high-momentum beamline at J-PARC. The J-PARC started
to operate at the beginning of this year after the recovery from the damage
by the great east Japan earthquake on March 11, 2011. 

In addition, we are happy to inform you that THE HIGH-MOMENTUM BEAMLINE
the Japanese fiscal year of 2013. In order to maximize physics output
from this beamline, we organize this workshop for discussing possible
hadron and nuclear physics projects.

We list some physics topics in the following "Possible hadron-physics
topics"; however, any interesting new ideas are welcome from both
theorists and experimentalists. If you are interested in participating
in this workshop, please send the attached pre-registration form by email.
The list of speakers will be announced in the workshop web page and
in the second circular.

The second circular will be distributed in November, and it includes
detailed information on practical matters such as registration, housing,
etc. Since this is a good opportunity for hadron-physics communities
to produce valuable results by using the new hadron beamline, we hope
to have your active participation and contributions to the the workshop.

We are looking forward to seeing you at the workshop.

       Sincerely,  Shunzo Kumano, Osamu Morimatsu, Shin'ya Sawada (KEK)

Expected high-momentum beamline
The high-momentum beamline can transport the primary proton beam (30 GeV)
with the intensity of 10^10 - 10^12/sec to the Hadron Hall, and it is 
a branch from the main proton beam of 10^13 or 10^14/sec.  In addition,
by installing a thin production target into the main proton beam 
at the branching point, one can obtain unseparated secondary beams
such as pions etc. The beam intensity of these secondaries depends
on its species and momentum. A typical intensity for 10 GeV/c (15 GeV/c)
pions would be in the order of 10^7/sec (10^6/sec) or so. The intensity 
for higher momentum beams would be less. The budget for the beamline is
being requested to the Japanese government by KEK. In the earliest case
if the budget request is approved very soon, the construction will
start in 2013 and it will be completed in 2016. 

Possible hadron-physics topics
The following list is just an example of possible projects.
We welcome new ideas on the projects.
* hadron properties in nuclear medium
* pQCD, partonic structure of nucleon and nuclei
* charmed-hadron physics
* exotic hadrons and nuclei
* N* physics (N*, Delta*, ...)
* high-energy spin physics
* short-range NN correlations
* transition from hadron to quark degrees of freedom
* exclusive processes (GPD, quark counting, ...)
* quark/hadron interactions in nuclear medium (parton-energy loss, color transparency)
* J/psi production mechanisms and its interactions in nuclear medium
* pion distribution amplitude, hadron-transition distribution amplitudes
* intrinsic charm and strange
* related theoretical developments
* other ideas on possible projects

If you are interested in participating in the workshop, please send
the following form by email.
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To:      j-parc-hm(AT)ml.post.kek.jp    (AT)--->@
Subject: Preregistration, High-momentum beamline physics at J-PARC

Name:          First name  Last name
Expected dates of visit: Arrival Jan.xx,  Departure Jan.xx
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A registration form will be attached on the second circular.
The registration fee is planned to be about 5000-Yen, including the fee
for a get-together party and coffee. The exact amount of the registration
fee will be announced in the second circular.

The KEK dormitory is available for workshop participants. 
We will inform you how to make your own reservation in the second circular.

Workshop site
Tsukuba campus
High Energy Accelerator Research Organization (KEK)
1-1, Ooho, Tsukuba, Ibaraki, 305-0801, Japan
      Homepage: http://legacy.kek.jp/intra-e/
      Access to KEK: http://legacy.kek.jp/intra-e/cometokek/

Organizing committee: Shunzo Kumano, Osamu Morimatsu, Shin'ya Sawada (KEK)
                   Email: j-parc-hm(AT)ml.post.kek.jp   (AT)--->@