KEK theory center workshop on
@Short-range correlations and tensor structure at J-PARC

September 25, 2009 (Friday)
KEK, Building 4, Room 345

Claudio Ciofi degli Atti (Perugia Univ) Short Range Correlations and their impact on nuclear and particle physics
        and astrophysics: recent advances and possible studies at J-PARC
Shin'ya Sawada (KEK) Status of J-PARC facility and hadron hall
Chiara Benedetta Mezzetti (Perugia Univ) Two- and three-nucleon correlations and inclusive electron scattering
Hiko Morita (Sapporo Gakuin Univ) Nulcear spectral function based on the two-nucleon correlation model
Makoto Sakuda (Okayama Univ) Effect of spectral function in neutrino-nucleus interactions
        in the MeV-GeV region: Experimental View
Ryozo Tamagaki (Kyoto Univ) Nucleon correlations and neutron star physics
Noriyoshi Ishii (Tokyo Univ) Short-range nuclear force in lattice QCD
Hooi Jin Ong (RCNP) Search for direct evidence of tensor interaction via (p,d) reaction
Choki Nakamoto (Suzuka Tech) Short-range NN and YN interactions in the SU_6 quark model
Takayuki Myo (Osaka Tech) Tensor-optimized shell model using bare interaction for light nuclei
Toshiaki Shibata (Tokyo Tech) Tensor structure function b_1 of the deuteron measured
        with high-energy electron scattering by HERMES
Shunzo Kumano (KEK) Tensor structure in high-energy proton-deuteron reactions

      Orgainzers:   Shunzo Kumano (KEK),   Hiko Morita (Sapporo Gakuin Univ),   Shin'ya Sawada (KEK)
      Secretary:     Reiko Kusama (KEK)
                  E-mail: hadron-ns09(AT)     [ (AT) --> @ ]
                            (Email to Kusama, Kumano, Morita, and Sawada)