Asian School of Particles, Strings and Cosmology (NasuLec)

25 Sep (Mon) - 29 Sep (Fri), 2006
Laforet Nasu, Hotels and Resorts, Nasu, Tochigi, Japan


  • LHC physics
  • Supersymmetry and its connection to the string theory
  • Particle cosmology

Date and place

25 Sep (Monday) - 29 Sep (Fri), 2006
Laforet Nasu Hotels and Resorts

Financial support for travel expenses

A number of PhD students and PD fellows from inside/outside of Japan can be supported for travel (inside Asia) and living expenses, and we encourage their applications.

Lecturers / instructors and speakers

T. Han (Wisconsin U.) M. Yamaguchi (Tohoku U.)
M. Kawasaki (ICRR, Tokyo) S. Wadia (Tata)
S. Iso (KEK) Y. Sakai (KEK)
T. Nakaya (Kyoto) T. Nakaya (Kyoto)
R. Tanaka (Okayama) O. Dore (Princeton)
Y. Kitazawa (KEK)