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Miscellaneous Information


The registration will be held as follows,

Time: from 8:30 to 9*45 on 15 Jan. 2008
Place: Room 204, second floor at Kenkyu Honkan in KEK.
Departure time of a bus to Kusatsu 10:00

You are required to pay the accommodation charges in KEK. You will receive the previously notified financial support by cash. (The accommodation charges in KEK will be deducted from it.) The hotel charges have to be settled individually at the hotel in Kusatsu.

Restaurants near KEK

We need to inform you that no food service is available at KEK on Jan 14, 2008 (national holiday), the weekends from Saturday dinner to Sunday dinner. So you need to dine out or buy some food before arriving KEK.

You can find information about restaurants near KEK from the map: Restaurants near KEK (PDF) in http://ccwww.kek.jp/iad/index.html. This site can be traced from KEK home page.

You need to walk 15 minutes toward Tsukuba center (turn right after you go out from the KEK entrance) to get to the McDonald's which is one of the closest eating places.


We would like to inform you about a restaurant which serves vegetarian food: http://ccwww.kek.jp/iad/pdf/nearbyRes.pdf.
Please walk 15 minutes toward Tsukuba center (turn right after you go out from the KEK entrance)

  1. MacDonald's
    It is one of the closest eating places at the first intersection
  2. Saizeriya (very reasonable price)
    At the second intersection
  3. Coffee Tetsugaku(Italian Restaurant)
    Turn left at the first intersection and you can see cone roof like a castle on the right-hand side of the road.

Please tell them you want a meal with no fish, no meat, or no pork.

Internet access

Wireless LAN is available in the lecture hall and the hotel lobby.

KEK dormitory

KEK Dormitory is available as your application.
Please get the room key and entrance key from the superintendent if your arrival is before 10:00p.m. If you arrive between 10:00p.m and 7:00a.m of the following day, you can receive the keys from the Information Center (Guard Office). The dormitory entrance door is locked from 10:00p.m to next day 7:00a.m.

Weather of Kusatsu

The temperature in Kusatsu ranges between -10 to 0 centigrade. The temperature in Ksukuba is between 0 to 10 centigrade.