FIRST DAY (Tue Dec 2)

08:00 Registration desk open

09:00 Greetings and announcements from organizers

Plenary Session SPECTROSCOPY - Chair: Kenkichi Miyabayashi (09:10-10:35)
Speaker Title Slides
09:10 Peter Kim The eta_b at BaBar PDF
09:35 Eta_b round table organized by C.Patrignani and R.Mussa dir

COFFEE BREAK (10:35-11:00)

Plenary Session SPECTROSCOPY - Chair: Joan Soto (11:00-12:30)
Speaker Title Slides
11:00 Xavier Garcia Static Potential PDF
11:20 A. Yamamoto Heavy-heavy-light quark potential from lattice QCD and analytical model calculation PDF
11:40 Ping Wang Parameters of psi(3770) and upper vector states from BES PDF
12:05 Kornely Todyshev New precise mass measurements of J/psi, psi', psi(3770), D+/D0 mesons at KEDR PDF

LUNCH BREAK (12:30-14:00)

Plenary Session SPECTROSCOPY - Chair: Nora Brambilla (14:00-15:35)
Speaker Title Slides
14:00 Brian Heltsley Charmonium transitions at CLEO PDF
14:35 Christian Ehmann Excited charmonium spectrum and eta_c-eta'-mixing PDF
14:55 Eduardo Follana Charmonium physics with improved staggered quarks on the lattice PDF
15:15 Yusuke Namekawa Charmonium in 2+1 flavor lattice QCD PDF

COFFEE BREAK (15:35-16:00)

Plenary Session QUARKONIUM IN MEDIA - Chair: Carlos Lourenco (16:00-17:50)
Speaker Title Slides
16:00 Antonio Vairo EFT for heavy quark bound states at T>0 PDF
16:20 Joan Soto pNRQED at T>0 PDF
16:40 Peter Petreczky Static quarks in finite temperature lattice QCD PPT
17:05 S.H. Lee Quarkonium properties at and above deconfinement PPT
17:30 T.Umeda Quarkonium Correlators at finite temperature PPT

SECOND DAY (Wed Dec 3)

Plenary Session SPECTROSCOPY/DECAY - Chair: Jolanta Brodzicka (9:00-10:40)
Speaker Title Slides
09:00 Thomas Kuhr Quarkonium Spectroscopy and Decay results from CDF PDF
09:35 Ruslan Chistov Positive Evidence of Charged Z states at Belle PPT
10:00 Gianluigi Cibinetto Search for Z(4430) at BaBar PDF
10:20 Antonello Polosa Tetraquarks PPT

COFFEE BREAK (10:40-11:00)

Plenary Session SPECTROSCOPY/DECAY - Chair: Claudia Patrignani (11:00-13:15)
Speaker Title Slides
11:00 Tom Mehen Molecules PDF
11:20 Y.Rui Liu Molecules PDF
11:40 Jean Wicht Yb from scan of Y(5S) region at Belle PDF
12:05 Bryan Fulsom X(3872)-> psi(2s) gamma at BaBar PDF
12:25 Karim Trabelsi Updates on X(3872) production at Belle PDF
12:45 B.Yabsley (chair) Discussion on ... , slides by E.Braaten,SH Lee, B.Yabsley, KT Chao dir

LUNCH BREAK (13:15-14:30)

Plenary Session STANDARD MODEL - Chair: Simon Eidelman (14:30-16:02)
Speaker Title Slides
14:30 Estia Eichten R_b and R_c in the threshold region PDF
14:53 Francesco Renga e+e- -> pi+pi- with ISR and the R_b scan at BaBar PDF
15:16 Galina Pakhlova Charm component of R using ISR at Belle PPT
15:39 Chang-Zheng Yuan R measurements at BES PDF

COFFEE BREAK (16:02-16:30)

Parallel Session PRODUCTION - Chair: Geoffrey Bodwin (16:30-18:00)
Speaker Title Slides
16:30 Bin Gong QCD corrections to J/psi plus eta(c) production and double J/psi production in e+ e- annihilation at s**(1/2) = 10.6 GeV PDF
16:50 Chao-Hsi Chang Production of B(c) or anti-B(c) meson and its excited states via anti-t-quark or t-quark decays PDF
17:10 Taka Kajino Upsilon production and decay to UHECR neutrinos from GRB and AGN associated with strong magnetic field PPT
17:30 Diego Bettoni Monte Carlo simulations for PANDA PDF

Parallel Session QUARKONIUM IN MEDIA - Chair: Carlos Lourenco (16:30-18:00)
Speaker Title Slides
16:30 Peter Petreczky Overview of potential models at T>0 PPT
16:50 P. Faccioli Study of psi' and chi_c decays as feed-down sources of J/psi hadro-production PDF
17:10 J.-P. Lansberg Cold nuclear matter effects on J/psi production: intrinsic and extrinsic transverse momentum effects PDF

18:30-20:30 Conveners meeting (in cafeteria)

THIRD DAY (Thur Dec 4)

Plenary Session PRODUCTION - Chair: Eric Braaten (09:00-10:40)
Speaker Title Slides
09:00 Pasha Pakhlov Double ccbar production at BELLE PPT
09:25 Kuang-Ta Chao Factorization and NLO QCD correction in e+ e- ---> J / psi (psi(2S)) +chi(c0) at B Factories PDF
09:50 Geoffrey Bodwin Factorization in Exclusive Quarkonium Production PDF
10:10 Pierre Artoisenet Photoproduction at HERA PDF

COFFEE BREAK (10:40-11:00)

Plenary Session PRODUCTION - Chair: Vaia Papadimitriou (11:00-12:50)
Speaker Title Slides
11:00 Andreas Meyer H1 and Zeus Results on Quarkonium Production PDF
11:30 A.Annovi Psi(2s) cross section and search for narrow resonances below the Upsilon mass at CDF PPT
12:00 Jian-Xiong Wang Next-to-leading-order QCD corrections to J/psi production and polarization at Tevatron and Large-Hadron-Collider energies PDF
12:30 Chaehyun Yu Optimal spin quantization axes for dileptons and quarkonium PDF

LUNCH BREAK (12:50-14:30)

Plenary Session DECAY - Chair: Chang-Zheng Yuan (14:30-15:30)
Speaker Title Slides
14:30 Sadaharu Uehara Charmonia in gamma gamma at Belle PDF
14:50 Xiao-Yan Shen Charmonium decays at BESII PDF
15:10 Simon Eidelman psi(3770) and D meson mass, leptonic width of J/psi and psi(2S) measurement at KEDR PDF

COFFEE BREAK (15:30-15:50)

Plenary Session DECAY - Chair: Estia Eichten (15:50-17:45)
Speaker Title Slides
15:50 Brian Heltsley Charmonium decays at CLEO PDF
16:25 Elisabetta Prencipe Hadronic Upsilon decays at BaBar PDF
16:45 Ce Meng Upsilon decay to two-charm quark jets and Upsilon(4S,5S) ---> Upsilon(1S) eta PDF
17:05 Jungil Lee EM current at order alpha_s and all orders in v PDF
17:25 Brian Heltsley Bottomonium results from CLEO PDF

Social dinner

FOURTH DAY (Frid Dec 5)

Plenary Session QUARKONIUM IN MEDIA / PRODUCTION - Chair: Peter Petreczky (09:00-11:35)
Speaker Title Slides
09:00 T.Ullrich Status of Quarkonium Production in nuclear collisions PDF
09:40 Martin zur Nedden Charmonium production in media at Hera-B PPT
10:05 J.-P. Lansberg New mechanisms and open problems in quarkonium production PDF
10:35 P. Faccioli J/psi polarisation measurements revisited PDF
11:05 H. Woehri Nuclear effects in charmonium production in proton-nucleus collisions PPT

COFFEE BREAK (11:35-11:50)

Plenary Session BEYOND THE STANDARD MODEL - Chair: Hisaki Hayashii (11:50-13:00)
Speaker Title Slides
11:50 round table dir
12:10 X.-G. He Constraints on unparticles from quarkonium decays PPT
12:30 Lucas Winstrom Searches for New Physics in quarkonium decays at BaBar/Belle PDF

LUNCH BREAK (13:00-14:30)

Plenary Session STANDARD MODEL - Chair: Simon Eidelman (14:30-16:02)
Speaker Title Slides
14:30 Kim Maltman New results on alpha_s from the lattice and tau decay PDF
14:53 Christian Sturm Precise quark masses and strong coupling constant from heavy quark current correlators PDF
15:16 Yuichiro Kiyo Top pair production near threshold at the LHC (NLO analysis in NRQCD) PDF
15:39 Sasha Penin Ultrasoft contributions to heavy quarkonium creation and annihilation PDF

COFFEE BREAK (16:02-16:20)

Plenary Session PRODUCTION - Chair: Andreas Meyer (16:20-17:55)
Speaker Title Slides
16:20 Carlos Lourenco Quarkonium production at CMS PPT
16:45 Erez Etzion Quarkonium production at ATLAS PPT
17:10 Giacomo Graziani Quarkonium production at LHCB PDF

Plenary Session
Speaker Title Slides
17:35 Soeren Lange PANDA Experiment at GSI PDF