• 6th International Workshop on Heavy Quarkonia is held 2008 Dec. 2-5 at Nara Women's University campus. The plenary session is held in the auditorium. The Memorial-Hall's auditorium is also used for parallel session. Nara was the oldest capital city, you can enjoy seeing many heritage temples and shrines by strolling the town. Local Organizers are looking forward to seeing you.

How to get to Nara Women's University campus from each hotel

  • From Kintetsu Nara station, it takes 5 minutes walk to get to Nara Women's University campus.
  • (1) Shin-Ohmiya business hotel
  • (2) Business Hotel Takamado
  • (3) Business Hotel New Takatsuji
  • (4) Hotel Half Time
    These hotels are near Kintetsu Shin-Ohmiya station within few minutes by foot. From Shin-Ohmiya, all the Kintetsu trains except for Ltd. Express are available. It takes 5 minutes (and cost 150 yen) to get to Kintetsu Nara station.
  • (5) Green Hotel Ashibi
    This hotel is located in a few minutes walk to Nara Women's University campus.
  • (6) Nara Washington Plaza Hotel
  • (7) Hotel Nikko Nara
    These hotels are within few minutes walk from JR Nara station. It takes about 15 minutes walk to get to Nara Women's University campus. Bus is very frequently operated between JR Nara station and Kintetsu Nara station, i.e. many bus routes stop both to JR and Kintetsu stations. By chosing this way, you can shorten significantly the walking distance.
  • (8) Nara Royal Hotel
    This hotel is located about 200m north from Nara City hall. There are shuttle services operated by the hotel: in the morning 8:00, 9:00, 10:00, 11:00, the shuttle leaves the hotel toward Kintetsu Nara station. To come back, the shuttle leaves Kintetsu Nara station at 14:30, 15:30, 16:30, 17:30, 18:30, 19:30, 20:30. Bus is available in front of the City hall. About 10 minutes walk to get to Shin-Ohmiya station.
  • (9) Hotel Fujita
    This hotel is located on Sanjo-street. It takes about 10 minutes to get to Nara Women's University campus.


  • If you need an entry visa to Japan, please apply at your closest Japanese Embassy or Consulate well ahead of the workshop. You can find more information about entry visa here
  • To know if you need a visa or not, check if your country is in the list of those which have visa exemption arrangements with Japan.

Currency Exchange and ATM

  • We recommend exchanging your money into Japanese Yens at a Currency Exchange counter of the airport. Narita Airport for example, it's on the 1st floor in the arrival lobby. The information is available from here. At the Kansai airport, few ATMs and exchange counters are located on the international arrival floor (1F). Near Kintetsu Nara station, there is the Tokyo-Mitsubishi-UFJ bank as well as some other banks. You may be able to exchange dollars/euros/pounds at your hotel at a reasonable rate.


  • In December, the lowest temperature is a little above 0o C and the highest would be typically 10 ~ 12o C. We have sometimes light rain in winter (about 7 days/month). Wind is not so strong, because Nara is surrounded by several mountains.


  • More information about Nara can be found here.

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