Information Bulletin No.1

First Bulletin

    The 7th International Symposium on Radiative Corrections
     "Application of Quantum Field Theory to Phenomenology"
                --- RADCOR2005 ---

The 7th International Symposium on Radiative Corrections
(RADCOR2005) will be held from 2(Sunday) to 7(Friday) of October,
2005 at Shonan Village (Kanagawa), Japan.
RADCOR2005 will be co-hosted by High Energy Accelerator Research 
Organization (KEK) and the Graduate University for Advanced Studies 
This is the seventh symposium of this series and the first to be
held in Asia.

The main theme of this symposium is the application of quantum field
theory to the phenomenology in the high-energy physics.
Especially, recent developments in the theoretical studies of the 
radiative corrections of the Standard Model as well as its extensions
are discussed and confronted with the recent experimental data.
We also discuss new physics beyond the standard theory both in the 
theoretical and experimental aspects.

Main subjects to be discussed at RADCOR2005:

* Collider physics (HERA, Tevatron, RHIC, LHC, ILC)
* QCD Physics
* Electroweak and beyond the standard model
* Calculational methods
* Simulation and Computation 
* Heavy quark physics (including B physics)
* Neutrino physics

and other related subjects.

Tentative Schedule
The following is a tentative schedule of the Symposium.

October   Morning             Afternoon               Evening
2 (Sun.)                             Registration and Reception
3 (Mon.)  Scientific Program  Scientific Program      Scientific Program
4 (Tue.)  Scientific Program  Scientific Program      Scientific Program
5 (Wed.)  Scientific Program  Excursion
6 (Thu.)  Scientific Program  Scientific Program      Banquet
7 (Fri.)  Scientific Program  Scientific Program

Attendance will be limited to about 100 participants.
The participants are expected to obtain their own financial
support for travel etc.

Site of Symposium
Shonan Village is located almost in the center of Miura Peninsula, Kanagawa,
with its scenic views of Mt. Fuji. An old capital of Japan, Kamakura, is
next to Shonan Village. It takes about 90 min. from Tokyo.
For more details, you can visit the website:

Second Circular
The second bulletin will be circulated in Spring 2005. It will include
more detailed information (registration, hotel reservation etc.)
on the Symposium.

International Advisory Board
G. Altarelli (CERN)          J. Bluemlein (DESY)
S. Brodsky   (SLAC)          A. Buras     (Munich)
S. Catani    (INFN Firenze)  S. Dawson    (BNL)
K. Ellis     (FNAL)          H. Haber     (Santa Cruz)
W. Hollik    (MPI Munich)    S. Jadach    (INP Cracow)
M. Kobayashi (KEK)           J.H. Kuehn   (Karlsruhe) 
T. Riemann   (DESY)          Y. Shimizu   (KEK)
J. Sola      (Barcelona)     G. Sterman   (SUNY)
W.J. Stirling(Durham)        H. Sugawara  (Sokendai)
B.F.L. Ward  (Baylor)        P. Zerwas    (DESY)      

Local Organizing Committee
J. Fujimoto  (KEK)           T. Ishikawa  (KEK)
H. Kawamura  (KEK)           J. Kodaira   (Hiroshima)
Y. Okada     (KEK)           T. Uematsu   (Kyoto)
T. Yukawa    (KEK/Sokendai)

For correspondence and information:

Jiro Kodaira (Symposium Chairperson)
Department of Physics
Hiroshima University, Higashi-Hiroshima 739-8526, Japan

Phone: +81-824-24-7362
Fax:   +81-824-24-0717