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Shonan Village is located in Hayama which is south of Yokohama in Kanagawa prefecture. The nearest railway station is JR Zushi which is the next to Kamakura on JR Yokosuka-line.

JR Railway Map and Map of Kanagawa

From Narita airport to Zushi, there are several ways. If you have a big luggage, the best way is to take a JR Narita Express (NEX) bound for Ofuna. Then take Yokosuka-line and Zushi is the 3rd station from Ofuna. In case you take a Narita Express bound for Yokohama, take a train of Yokosuka-line bound for Kurihama or Yokosuka or Zushi at Yokohama station. There are also Narita Express bound for Shinjuku, Ikubukuro, Omiya, etc. We do not recommend to take these, but if you take one of these, you should get off the train at Tokyo station (from Tokyo, see below). Extra money is charged for Narita Express, but it is comfortable. It takes 2 hours in total and costs 4.700 Yen.

NEX Time Table and Official Web Page of NEX

Another choice is to take a rapid service train of JR (not Keisei) bound for Kurihama or Yokosuka or Zushi which goes directly to Zushi. Although you do not need to change train, it might be crowded even on Sunday near Tokyo and there are no space to put a big luggage inside. Rapid trains leave Narita airport once in a hour (at 13:00, 14:00, etc.). Some of them are bound for Tokyo or Ofuna (from there you must take another train as described above). It takes 2.5 hours to Zushi in total and costs 2.210 Yen.

From JR Tokyo station, take a train of Yokosuka-line bound for Kurihama, Yokosuka, or Zushi which leaves from underground platform No.1 - No.4 (platform for Sobu line, Yokosuka-line), or take a train of Tokaido-line and change to Yokosuka line at Ofuna. It takes about 60 minutes in total and costs 890 Yen.

Maps of Tokyo station, Yokohama station, Narita airport station are available.

Guide Maps for Major Stations

From Zushi station, you can take a bus No.16 bound for Shonan Village which leaves bus stop No.1 in front of the station. It costs only 340 Yen, but comes only once in a hour.

Time Table of Bus No.16 (from Zushi to Village : upper table, second column from left for 10/2)

By taxi, it costs about 2.500-2.700 Yen. Shonan Village Center ("Kokusaimura center") is our final destination.

The entrance of the building and the front desk of the center are closed at 23:00. If you plan to arrive after 23:00, you should make a phone call to the front desk before that time.

Access Map and Shonan Village Map

We have prepared a PDF file and a PS file which show your destination in Japanese. This can be used when you buy a ticket or take a taxi or ask direction.

For the return trip, you take the same route in reverse. Please consult with one of Japanese participants during the conference for detailed time schedule.

Time Table of Zushi Station (in Japanese)

In Japan, train ticket is taken by a gate machine or by a station staff at station exit. If you need it, you should ask a staff for it. You can also get a reciept for taxi if you ask the driver. "Reciept please!" (or "Ryosyusyo please!") is understood.


Accommodation facility and restaurant is inside Shonan Village Center. Phone/FAX number of the front desk are:

Tel +81-468-55-1810

Fax +81-468-55-1816

which are available from 7:00 to 23:00 JST. Credit cards are not accepted at shops inside. You can exchange USD,EURO,UKP with JPY at the hotel.


Conference will be held at Sokendai Lecture Hall, 10 minites walk from Shonan Village Center.


We expect wireless network connection available at the conference room at Sokendai but not in Shonan Village.


Electric current in Japan is 100V, 50-60Hz. Type-A connector (common with USA) is used.


At this time, we expect the highest temperature is around 25C(77F) and the lowest is 15C (59F). Sometimes it becomes very hot, while sometimes sweater is needed.

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