Submission of Proceedings

As announced during the symposium, the proceedings of RADCOR05 will be published from Elsevier; Nucl. Phys. Proc. Suppl.

All presentations at the symposium will be published in the proceedings.
The contributions have to be submitted until

January 31st 2006

via e-mail to

The number of pages in the proceedings allocated to the talks are:

5 for talks of 30 min,
7 for talks of 40 min.

The style file will be the Elsevier's "espcrc2.sty" which is the Camera Ready Copy document style (two column format) file.
You can download the package from


We would like to notify all authors that the following demand of Elsevier Science B.V. is part of the contract:

"The Editors will inform the Authors that papers will not be accepted
if they have been or are expected to be published elesewhere. "

The contributions should contain a latex-file, the eps- or ps-files of the figures and a bound ps-file of the complete article.
All files should be bound using uufiles as a single file.

Please make sure that your article is complete and no further changes are needed when submission.