Satellite workshops

We are planning the following satellite workshops. We will announce the details on the QNP2018 conference web page later. Note: The first workshop is changed for two days (Nov.18-19) from one day (Nov.18) in the 2nd circular.

(1) Progress on Hadron structure functions,
      Nov.18-19, 2018, KEK Tsukuba Campus
      Inquiry: Shunzo Kumano (KEK, shunzo.kumano(AT)kek.jp)
      - Nucleon structure, Hadron tomography
      - High-energy hadron reactions
      - Color entanglement
      - EIC project
      Organizers: Yuji Goto (Riken), Shunzo Kumano (KEK/J-PARC), Kazuhiro Tanaka (Juntendo U/KEK)

(2) Hadron structure and interaction in finite density matter,
      Nov.11-12, 2018, KEK Tokai Campus, hosted by KEK and JAEA,
      Inquiry: Akinobu Dote (KEK, dote(AT)post.kek.jp), Philipp Gubler (JAEA, pgubler(AT)riken.jp)
      - Hadrons and resonances in nuclei/matter
      - Strangeness and charm in nuclei/matter
      - Cold and dense matter equation of state