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Remarks on Payment

@We recommend you to pay with a credit card on the JTB Web site (Registration page). 
@Major credit cards are accepted for payment. 

Fee for Registration and Excursion

For the registration and the excursion, 
the payment by cash (and credit card) on the conference site is also acceptable. 
The cash is restricted to only the Japanese Yen. 

In case that you will pay on the conference site, 
you don't need to proceed to the payment procedure on the JTB Web site. 
In other words, you don't need to push the button "Payment" 
at the end of each step, nor the tab "Payment" on your Personal Page. 
However, please send an e-mail to JTB, 

   tsuchiura_4"_at_"     ("_at_" should be replaced with @ (at mark).)

in order to inform that you will pay on the conference site.

Fee for Hotel Accommodation

If you reserve a hotel room through the JTB Web site, 
the payment is accepted 
           ONLY with a credit card online.  
If you can't pay by a credit card, please consult with JTB. 
(e-mail: tsuchiura_4"_at_"