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27-29 June 2007 Kobe University
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Poster Session w/ Coffee
Place: Kobe University
Room: Z201 of building Z
Dates: from Wednesday 27 June 2007 16:50 to Thursday 28 June 2007 16:45
Contribution List 
id title presenters poster
37 Development of 144 multi-anode HPD for Belle aerogel RICH photon detector ADACHI, Ichiro poster Poster
38 Development and evaluation of BGO fiber scintillator YANAGIDA, Takayuki
40 Development of transparent ceramic as scintillators YANAGIDA, Takayuki
41 Growth of ZnO as a super fast scintillator using its exciton luminescence YOSHIKAWA, Akira
42 Growth and Optical Properties of Ce and AE co-doped (Gd,Y)F3 single crystal YOSHIKAWA, Akira
43 Gamma-ray response properties of Pr:Lu3Al5O12 (LuAG) scintillating crystal with avalanche photodiode KAMADA, Kei
44 Study on optics for directional measurement of anti-neutrinos ABE, Shingo poster Poster
45 Favorable properties of HPD R9792U-40 for the MAGIC telescope project SAITO, Takayuki poster Poster
46 Requirement for photon-detectors at directional measurement of anti-neutrinos with KamLAND NAKAMURA, Mio poster Poster
47 Nano/Micro/machined High Gain Photodetectors WINN, David R.
48 MPPC measurements with optical connector KAWAMUKO, Hiroyuki
49 Development of broadband space X-ray and gamma-ray detector based on the silicon drift detector and scintillator YAMAOKA, Kazutaka poster Poster
50 Radiation damage test of MPPC by a 290MeV/u C beam at HIMAC TANAKA, T. poster Poster
51 Development of Readout Electronics for MPPC MURAKAMI, Takeshi poster Poster

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