Final Circular

Joint US-CERN-Japan-Russia Accelerator School

Introduction to Particle Accelerators -
Fuji, Shizuoka, Japan, October 23-31, 2013

School site

The school will be held at:
Fuji Institute of Education and Training
656 Shimowada, Susono, Shizuoka 410-1105, Japan
http://www.fujiken.gr.jp English: http://bit.ly/TCoL3m

The site is at the foot of Mt. Fuji, about 100 km southwest from Tokyo. From Narita, it takes about 2.5 hours, and from Haneda Airport is about 2 hours. How to get to there from the two airports is now uploaded at the school web site:


At the South exit of Mishima station, school buses will pick you up at 13:30, 15:30, and 17:30.

The last two days of the school will be dedicated for lab tours at RIKEN and KEK. All participants are supposed to travel from Fuji to RIKEN and KEK by buses together.

From KEK to Tokyo, Narita and Haneda

After lunch on Oct. 31, buses will go to Tsukuba railway station. Those who plan to leave Tsukuba can take the buses. The detail transportation from KEK is at the following web site:



Fuji Institute of Education and Training has facilities of accommodations. On Oct. 30, we are going to stay at Tsukuba.


All meals from dinner on Oct. 23 to lunch on Oct. 31 are arranged. All participants take meals together at fixed time during the school. The menu will be announced at the dining board everyday.

Location of the site

The venue is in a fantastic nature at the foot of Mt. Fuji, but it is a little bit  isolated from cities. Even the closest grocery store takes about 20 minutes on foot. You can buy some beverages and snacks at vending machines at the venue.

Computer and Internet

At the school site, internet connections are available. As all lecture notes will be uploaded soon. All participants are required to bring a laptop.

Laboratory Tour

We will go to KEK on Oct. 30 by bus, and on the way to there, we will visit Nishina Center for Accelerator-Based Science (http://www.nishina.riken.go.jp/index_e.html) of RIKEN. On Oct. 31, we will have a KEK facility tour until around noon. After lunch, buses will go to Tsukuba station.

Excursion and Banquet on Oct 27

We are going to visit:

Ukiyoe (Old Japanese woodblock print art) museum

Mihono-Matsubara (National heritage, scenery sea shore)


Nihon-daira (a plateau near Mr. Fuji)


Owakudani (an area of volcanic crater)

Banquet at a local beer restaurant


The voltage in Japan is 100 Volt. Refer to the web site below, and prepare your laptop to use at the school site.


Late October to the begging of November in Japan,

Average Rainy/Snowy Days Sunny Days
Daytime High Nighttime Low early month late month early month late month
22 C (72 F) 15 C (59 F) 35% 30% 40% 55%

Mobile Phones

While most newer mobile phone models can be used in Japan, many older phones may not work due to different technologies. Most importantly, there is no GSM network in Japan, so GSM-only phones do not work.

Amenity at the school site

Hot spa and swimming pool
Near the school site (5 min. on foot), there is a hot spa facility, such as outside baths, a jacuzzi baths and small swimming pool. If you are interested in them, prepare a swim gear and a cap.

There is one tennis court and two ping-pong tables, and a playground of grass. Tennis rackets, battledores, and soccer balls are available.


In case of your flight delay, and you could not catch the last bus, please call at the emergency number. It will be announced later by e-mail.

For our information to pick you up on Oct. 23, please let us know your flight number of arrival.

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