2009 Asian Science Camp

August 2-8, 2009
Tsukuba, Ibaraki, JAPAN



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About ASC

The idea of the Asian Science Camp was discussed in September 2005 after the 55th Annual meeting of Nobel Laureates and Students in Lindau, Germany, by Professor Yuan-Tseh Lee (1986 Nobel Laureate in Chemistry) from Chinese Taipei,  and Professor Masatoshi Koshiba (2002 Nobel Laureate in Physics) from Japan. The proposal expressed the aim to enlighten science talented youths through discussions and dialogues with top scholars in the world, and promoting international friendship and cooperation among best young students of the next generation in Asia. The Lindau Meetings will serve as a model. The Asian Science Camp would invite a dozen Nobel Laureates or world-distinguished scientists as speakers and devise an interesting program to attract all the participants, including plenary sessions, round table discussions, student master dialogues, a creative poster competition, social events and excursion. The working language would be English. This proposal was soon discussed in a board meeting of the Wu Chien-Shiung Education Foundation and was approved unanimously by the board.The 2007 Asian Science Camp was organized by the Wu Chien-Shiung Education Foundation with the assistance of Academia Sinica in Taiwan. The 2008 Asian Science Camp was organized by the Surya Institute in Indonesia.

The 2009 Asian Science Camp is hosted by the Heisei Foundation for Basic Science, the High Energy Accelerator Research Organization (KEK) and the International Center for Elementary Particle Physics (ICEPP), the University of Tokyo. Recently KEK has become renowned for Professor Makoto Kobayashi, former Director of Institute for Particle and Nuclear Physics KEK, who was awarded the 2008 Nobel Prize in Physics. The 2009 Asian Science Camp will be held on August 3rd - 8th in Tsukuba, Ibaraki, Japan. It will be a 7-day inspiring moment for around 200 Asian students, who will learn from Nobel Laureates and other world-class scientists in the field of natural science. It is our dream that students participating in the Asian Science Camp event will contribute to the future science in Asia and all over the world through their creativity and achievements.

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