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Talk file

We will collect talk files (ppt or pdf) after presentations to upload on our website.


The poster board size is W900, H2100 cm. The poster numbering is as follows. The contributed oral speakers also have an option to bring a poster for advertisement.
1 nassim beiranvand Poster
the role of magnetic field on the structure ADAf 
2 Makoto Sawada Poster
Supra-thermal electrons in SNRs probed by line diagnostics with ASTRO-H SXS
3 Takafumi Shimizu Poster
X-ray and gamma-ray properties of mixed-morphology supernova remnants compared to shell-like ones
4 Osamu Nishimura Poster
Changes in Cyclotron line energy with luminosity in Accreting X-ray
5 Tsuguya Naito Poster
An Attempt to estimate High Energy Light Curves of the Gamma-ray Binaries Based on Analytical Calculations
6 Kazunori Kohri Oral
Cosmological constraints on dark matter and implications for gamma-ray astrophysics
7 Yutaka Fujita Oral
The Fermi Bubbles as a Scaled-up Version of Supernova Remnants
8 Kenichi Nishikawa Oral
Radiation from accelerated particles in relativistic jets with shocks, shear-flow, and reconnection
9 David C.Y. Hui Oral
X-ray observations of gamma-Cygni pulsar
10 Eugenio Bottacini Oral
Bridging the thermal and non-thermal emission of sources
11 Mathieu Servillat Oral
The nature of X-ray sources in globular clusters
12 Pakhin Thomas Tam Oral Presentation Gamma-ray bursts seen at keV and TeV energies
14 Susumu Inoue Oral Presentation Particle acceleration and nonthermal emission from fast outflows in active galactic nuclei
15 Dimitrios Emmanoulopoulos Oral Presentation Simulating realistic X-ray and Gamma-Ray light curves.
16 Shuta J. Tanaka Oral Presentation Broadband Emission Model of Spherical Pulsar Wind Nebulae
17 Roland Walter Oral Presentation Jets and wind expelled by the supersonic pulsar IGR J11014-6103
19 Antonio Marinelli Oral Presentation The HAWC observatory: new perspectives for gamma ray astronomy
20 Christopher Russell Oral Presentation Thermal X-ray Emission from Stellar Wind Shocks in the VHE Gamma-ray Binary LS 5039
21 Hironori Matsumoto Oral Presentation Suzaku observation of the large TeV object HESS J1646-458
22 Albert Kong Oral Presentation Multi-wavelength observations of gamma-ray millisecond pulsars
23 Hajime TAKAMI Oral Presentation High-Energy Radiation from Remnants of Neutron Star Binary Mergers
24 Elena Seifina Oral Presentation Comparative analysis of spectral parameters of BH versus NS sources
25 Yutaka Ohira Oral Presentation Cosmic-ray halo around a supernova remnant
26 Peter R. den Hartog Oral Presentation Fermi Pulsars from keV X-rays to TeV gamma-rays
27 Hongquan Su Oral Presentation Multi-band observations of Supernova Remnant W51C


The banquet will be held on 5 Nov. (2nd night) at Yumoto Fujiya Hotel (venue).

Lunch box

We will prepare free lunch boxes for all participants at the venue on 4, 5, 6 Nov.


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