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Scope of the Workshop

The 7th International Workshop on Neutrino Beams and Instrumentation (NBI) will be held at J-PARC, Tokai, Japan from Aug.28 to Aug.31, 2010. This workshop series gives unique opportunities for physicists and engineers, working on conventional neutrino beams, to meet together, and discuss intensively their equipments in operatining / planned experiments. The 7th workshop will cover:

  • Experience from MiniBooNE, CNGS, NuMI, and T2K
  • Challanges in the design of NOVA / LBNE
  • Tour to visit J-PARC open house (Aug. 28)
  • Expert tour for core NBI colleagues to visit T2K facilities (Aug.31)

The 7th NBI will be jointly organized with II International Neutrino Summer School 2010. The school lectures will be started at Yokohama from Aug.23 to 27. After the Yokohama sessions are closed, a tour to J-PARC open house on Aug.28 will be the first day of the school/NBI joint part at Tokai.

The NBI lectures/sessions will be started on Aug.29. A tour for experts (physicists and engineers, the core NBI colleagues) to visit T2K facility will be separately organized on Aug.31.

Workshop Site / Access Info.

Please visit: accomodation page.