The ALCW2015 workshop is organised at a critical time for the ILC project development in Japan. Taking this opportunity, the LCC (Linear Collider Collaboration) and AAA (Advanced Accelerator Association Promoting Science & Technology)co-organise a special event, “The International Linear Collider Tokyo Event” on Wednesday 22 April. A plenary session of ALCW2015 will be organised in the morning of the same day, at Ito International Research Center, the University of Tokyo.

The Tokyo Event will have two parts;

  Tokyo Symposium

  • At this special symposium, you can catch the latest news about moves towards the realization of the ILC with invited speakers from various fields.
  • The symposium is open to everybody but the advance or onsite registration are required for non-registrants of ALCW2015. Many people outside the HEP community are expected to come. Let's get together and discuss ILC in Japan. A simultaneous translation between Japanese and English will be provided. The Symposium is held at Ito International Research Center, Hongo Campus, the University of Tokyo in the afternoon.

  Food Festa ~ Taste of Discovery ~

  • In the evening, Food Festa, organizers named it“Taste of Discovery”, will be held at one of the prime hotels in Tokyo, the Hotel New Otani , where cuisine from the countries from which scientists are currently involved in this project will be provided. We also plan to invite guests and to have events to entertain participants. The banquet is co-organised by the ALCW2015 and the ILC Tokyo Event organisers and the fee is included in the ALCW2015 registration for the workshop registrants.


Further detail of the ILC Tokyo Event can be found in the event web page.
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