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Final Bulletin (17 April) PDF version

Travel information

The information to access KEK can be found at http://legacy.kek.jp/intra-e/access/
The information for KEK visitors is available at http://www2.kek.jp/rso/eng/index.html
The time tables of public transportation to KEK can be found at http://www2.kek.jp/rso/eng/Access/index.html

Access from Airports to Tsukuba Center

From Narita Airport:
  The direct bus from Narita Airport to Tsukuba Center would be convenient. A taxi would be another possibility. See at http://www2.kek.jp/rso/eng/Access/Narita/Narita.html.
From Haneda Airport:
  The information in http://www2.kek.jp/rso/eng/Access/Haneda.html. will be useful. One possibility is to use a direct high way bus from Haneda Airport to Tsukuba, of which time table and bus stop information is available at http://www2.kek.jp/rso/Access/pdf/HanedaAirport.pdf. Another possibility would be to use a monorail and rail ways; From Haneda Airport, take Tokyo Mnorail to Hama-matsu-cho Station, change to JR Hama-matsu-cho Station on foot ( a few minutes walk ), take JR Yamanote Line or JR Keihin-tohoku Line to JR Akihabara station(TX Akihabara station on the google map). Two lines run in parallel and stop at the same platform. At JR Akihabara station, walk several minutes to TX (Tsukuba Express) Akihabara station. It takes about 45 minutes from Akihabara station to Tsukuba station by the fastest train.

Access between Tsukuba Center and KEK

  Two kinds of buses operate from the Tsukuba Center to KEK. The detailed information including a taxi will be found at http://www2.kek.jp/rso/eng/Access/TsukubaCenter.html. The public buses will be close to full in the week days. The workshop operates buses during the workshop period except Sunday and Wednesday as follows.

Bus services from 20 April to 24 April

Daily transportation from Monday to Friday except Wednesday
For those who have reserved accommodation through our travel agency, JTB Kanto Co., bus transportations have been scheduled as follows.

  • Hotel Grand Shinonome: A hotel bus departs for KEK at 8:00 AM
  • Urban Hotel: The hotel operates two services to KEK, starting from 8:00 AM
  • Toyoko Inn Kenkyu-Gakuen-eki: A bus arranged by the workshop departs from Kenkyu Gakuen Station for KEK at 8:00 AM.

  In addition, we have arranged two buses from Tsukuba Station. The departing time is 8:00 AM.
The bus stops at Tsukuba station and Kenkyu Gakuen Station are shown in the following figures.

Tsukuba Station and Hotel Grand ShinonomeKenkyu Gakuen Eki Station

   Departure time of the buses in the evening will be as follows;
    Monday (18:00), Tuesday (19:00), Thursday(19:00), Friday(16:30).

Bus transportation on Wednesday for Tokyo Event
   On Wednesday, 6 buses will be operated for travel to Tokyo. One bus route starts from KEK, stops at Urban Hotel, and go to Tokyo. Another route starts from Tsukuba Center (Hotel Grand Shinonome), stops at Kenkyu Gakuen Station, and go to Tokyo. Note that Hotel Grand Shinonome is about 5 min. walk from Tsukuba Station. See the bust stop map above. These busses leaves at 8:00AM at KEK or Shinonome, and plan to arrive at University of Tokyo arround 10:00 AM, but actual arriving time will depend on traffic conditions.

   A signup sheet will be prepared at the registration desk in order to count the number of people who use the bus transportation. Please put your name in the sheet before the end of lunch time in Tuesday.

   After the end of the symposium of ILC Tokyo event, another bus service will be provided to go to Hotel New Otani, the banquet venue.

  At the end of the banquet, the bus pick you up at the Hotel New Otani and go to Tsukuba. All 6 buses will stop at Kenkyu Gakuen Toshi Station, Hotel Grand Shinonome, Urban Hotel, and KEK. KEK is the final destination. The bus will leave the Hotel New Otani after the banquet, after 21:00, and the expected arriving time at Tsukuba is around 22:30, depending on the traffic conditions.


The on-site registration will open from 15:00 to 17:00, 19 April (Sun) and after 8:30 20 April (Mon) during the workshop except 22 April (Wed). The registration desk is at the first floor of Kenkyu-Honkan Bldg.(M01) in a KEK map, http://www-conf.kek.jp/past/alcw2015/maps.html

  The registration on 19 April (Sun) is only for those who have completed on-line payment. On site payment will be open from Monday to Friday except Wednesday. A payment by credit card will be accepted only on Monday and Tuesday, while a cash payment will be accepted in all four days. There will be four desks for paid-registrants and one desk for un-paid registrants. If you have not completed the payment, please go to the un-paid desk. Payments for accommodations reserved through JTB will be handled at the same desk.

   At the registration, you will receive several items including a name tag, tickets for lunch boxes from Monday to Friday except Wednesday. Note that the name tag will be used as a ticket for the banquet ( Food Festa ).

  A ticket for the special banquet for accompanying persons will be sold from Monday till Tuesday lunch time at the registration desk. A ticket costs 10000 yen. Please pay in cash.

   Sign-up sheets for buses to Tokyo on Wednesday are prepared at the registration desk. One sheet is for the bus depart from KEK, the other is from Hotel Shinonome. Please put your name on either of them in order to secure your sheet. The sign up will be closed if all sheets are filled. Please sign up no later than the end of the lunch time on Tuesday.

The workshop program and requests to coonveners

The workshop program

  The workshop program including rooms for each session will be found at https://agenda.linearcollider.org/event/6557/timetable/#20150420.

   Because the number of registrants to the workshop exceeds the capacity of Kobayashi Hall, which is the largest room in KEK, we will use two rooms, Kobayashi Hall and 3rd Bldg. Seminar Room, for plenary sessions. Two rooms are connected by Fuse meeting and presentations made at Kobayashi Hall will be broadcasted to the 3rd Bldg. Seminar Room.

Requests to parallel session conveners

  Parallel session rooms will be provided with a screen and a projector, but without a computer for making presentations. The parallel session conveners are requested to individually arrange the computer(s) to use for presentation, in consultation, for instance, with local session members from/around KEK or LOC. The conveners are responsible for overseeing uploading activities of the presentation materials to the InDiCo site

  A speaker phone for Fuze meeting will be provided if requested in advance. The reservation of Fuze meeting and an announcement to remote participants should be made by conveners. IOC would like to know the number of remote participants and conveners are requested to count the number of remote participants.

Lunch and reception

  The lunch boxes are provided for lunches on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. We are planning to provide lunch boxes at the restaurant of the Employee's Center on Monday, Tuesday and Friday, and at the lounge of Kenkyu Honkan Bldg. on Thursday. But the place will be subject to change and please be updated by latest announcement from the LOC during the workshop. The lunch box fee is included in the registration fee and the tickets will be found in your name tag case. Several kinds of lunch boxes will be provided for your selection.
   Note that eating and drinking are not allowed in Kobayashi Hall and 3rd Bldg. 1F seminar hall. Please take lunch at places other than two rooms, the restaurant at the Employee's Center, lounges at 1st Bldg. and Kenkyu Honkan, or other meeting rooms. After lunch, empty boxes should be put into plastic bags for garbage. We appreciate your cooperation in advance.

  On Tuesday evening, a short reception will take place soon after the plenary session at the lounge of Kenkyu Honkan.

Wifi service

  The KEK Guest Network service are provided for the participants. Another document included in the conference bag describes the connection procedure. The SSID and the password for the WiFi connection at Itoh Hall, the University of Tokyo, is also included in the conference bag.