Asian Winter School on Strings,Particles and Cosmology

10 Jan (Tue) - 20 Jan (Fri), 2012
Kusatsu, Gunma, Japan


  • Black holes
  • AdS/CFT and applications
  • String cosmology
  • String phenomenology
  • Topological strings
  • SUSY gauge theories and duality

Date and place

School DATE: 10 Jan (Tue) - 20 Jan (Fri), 2012
PLACE: Hotel Village Kusatsu

Financial support

A number of PhD students and PD fellows from inside/outside of Japan can be supported for staying expenses, and we encourage their applications.


A. Sen (Harish-Chandra) D. Son (Seattle)
H. Tye (Cornell) A. Klemm (Bonn)
T. Watari (IPMU) T. Okuda (Tokyo)
S. Kim (Seoul) J. Nishimura (KEK)
X. Yin (Harvard)