How to get to KEK:

You can find out how to get to KEK and the lodging facility on KEK site from the home page

You may take an airport bus called
"Airport Liner - NATT'S" to Tsukuba Center bus terminal.

  1. AIRPORT LINER NATT'S (2540 yen)
  2. Bus tickets to Narita airport
    KEK Grocery shop handles bus ticket from Tsukuba Center to Narita Airport. This includes that they can take a reservation for it. You do not have to go to Tsukuba Center for them. The KEK Grocery store open from Monday to Friday, please visit in the afternoon by 19:00 on Jan 20th. Please tell them, Name, Date and Time which you will get on.

KEK --- Tsukuba Center (300 yen)

Link to KEK busTimetable (44KB)

  1. Buses leave for KEK from the section #3 at Tsukuba Center. You should ride on the buses (Hokubu Shuttle) which display HB in front and back. KEK is the 4th stop (H-4) including Tsukuba Center. Alternatively you can take a taxi from Tsukuba Center to KEK. It costs 3000 yen.

  2. On your way back, please ride on the buses to Tsukuba Center from the bus stop across the road in front of the KEK main entrance. The returning Hokubu Shuttle buses display HA in front and back.

How to get to IPMU:

Please consult the Web page: