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27-29 June 2007 Kobe University
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10inch PMT detector for IceCube INABA, Mina abstract, slides   33
Application of G-APDS in Astroparticle Physics LORENZ, Eckart abstract, slides   3
Characterization of the Response of Geiger-Mode Avalanche Photodiodes PARA, Adam abstract, slides   10
Compact, low-power and precision timing photodetector readout VARNER, Gary abstract, slides   27
Development and evaluation of BGO fiber scintillator YANAGIDA, Takayuki     38
Development of broadband space X-ray and gamma-ray detector based on the silicon drift detector and scintillator YAMAOKA, Kazutaka poster   49
Development of 144 multi-anode HPD for Belle aerogel RICH photon detector ADACHI, Ichiro poster   37
Development of a large area gas photomultiplier with GEM/uPIC. SEKIYA, Hiroyuki abstract, slides   30
Development of backside illuminated Silicon Photomultipliers at the MPI Semiconductor Laboratory MOSER, H.-G. abstract, slides   6
Development of Readout Electronics for MPPC MURAKAMI, Takeshi poster   51
Development of single photon counting pixel detectors for synchrotron radiation applications TOYOKAWA, Hidenori abstract, slides   24
Development of transparent ceramic as scintillators YANAGIDA, Takayuki     40
Favorable properties of HPD R9792U-40 for the MAGIC telescope project SAITO, Takayuki poster   45
First results of the Trip-t based T2K front end electronics performance with GM-APDs VACHERET, Antonin abstract, slides   28
Gamma-ray response properties of Pr:Lu3Al5O12 (LuAG) scintillating crystal with avalanche photodiode KAMADA, Kei     43
Geiger-mode APD as a RICH photodetector IIJIMA, Toru abstract, slides   25
Growth and Optical Properties of Ce and AE co-doped (Gd,Y)F3 single crystal YOSHIKAWA, Akira     42
Growth of ZnO as a super fast scintillator using its exciton luminescence YOSHIKAWA, Akira     41
Integrated Electronic for SIPM and MPPC FLEURY, Julien abstract, slides   26
IRST SiPM characterizations and application studies GIOVANNI, Pauletta abstract, slides   15
Large Vacuum Photocathode Optical Compressor/Amplifier Photodetectors for Astroparticle Physics WINN, David R. abstract   29
Latest status of PMTs and related sensors SUYAMA, Motohiro abstract, slides   19
MGPDs for calorimeter and muons sytems: requirements and first experience in the CALICE test beam SEFKOW, Felix abstract, slides   4
MPPC measurements with optical connector KAWAMUKO, Hiroyuki     48
Nano/Micro/machined High Gain Photodetectors WINN, David R.     47
Newly Developed Semiconductor Detectors by Hamamatsu YAMAMOTO, Koei abstract, slides   5
Novel silicon-based photo-detectors and their applications D'ASCENZO, Nicola abstract, slides   7
Opening Remark HORIO, Hisashi     0
Opening Remark 2 TAKASAKI, Fumihiko     1
Performance of the gamma-ray camera based on scintillator array and PSPMT with an ASIC readout system UENO, Kazuki abstract, slides   31
Photodetectors in high energy physics RENKER, Dieter abstract, slides   2
R&D of MPPC for T2K experiment GOMI, Shinichi abstract, slides   16
Radiation damage of MPPC by gamma-ray irradiation with cobalt 60 MATSUBARA, Tsunayuki abstract, slides   34
Radiation damage test of MPPC by a 290MeV/u C beam at HIMAC TANAKA, T. abstract, poster   50
Radiation damage to MPPCs by irradiation with protons MATSUMURA, Toru abstract, slides   35
Requirement for photon-detectors at directional measurement of anti-neutrinos with KamLAND NAKAMURA, Mio poster   46
Scintillator/WLS Fiber Readout with PSiPs WILSON, Robert abstract, slides   11
Selection of silicon photomultipliers for hadron calorimeter prototype TARKOVSKY, Evgueny abstract, slides   14
Study and Development of Multi Pixel Photon Counter for the GLD Calorimeter readout UOZUMI, Satoru abstract, slides   23
Study of Afterpulsing of MPPC with Waveform Analysis OIDE, Hideyuki abstract, slides   9
Study of MPPC at liquid nitrogen temperatures OTONO, Hidetoshi abstract, slides   8
Study of MRS photodiodes for T2K experiment KUDENKO, Yury abstract, slides   17
Study on optics for directional measurement of anti-neutrinos ABE, Shingo poster   44
Sumary & Closing Remark HABA, Junji slides   36
Tests and performance of multipixel Geiger mode APD's and APD's for the CMS ECAL MUSIENKO, Yury abstract, slides   13
The LHCb Pixel Hybrid Photon Detectors LAMBERT, Rob abstract, slides   20
Timing and cross-talk properties of BURLE multi-channel MCP PMTs KORPAR, Samo abstract, slides   22
Timing properties of MCP-PMT INAMI, Kenji abstract, slides   21
Timing Resolution Measurements of SiPM and MPPC WAGNER, Robert abstract, slides   12
Unusual PMT behaviour in KamLAND KOZLOV, Alexandre abstract, slides   32
Using MPPCs for T2K Fine Grain Detector RETIERE, Fabrice abstract, slides   18

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