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[ Past News ]


The 8th International Conference on Quarks and Nuclear Physics will be held in Tsukuba, Japan on November 13-17, 2018. This conference follows the series of meetings previously held in Adelaide, Julich, Bloomington, Madrid, Beijing, Palaiseau, and Valparaiso. Experimentalists and theorists will discuss recent developments in the field of hadron and nuclear physics, and the following topics will be covered: (1) Quark and gluon structure of hadrons, (2) Hadron spectroscopy, (3) Hadron interactions and nuclear structure, and (4) Hot and cold dense matter. In addition to plenary sessions, parallel sessions will be organized in the above topics. A poster session will be also arranged. Young postdocs and students are especially welcome. Updated information will be announced on the conference web.

Topics Covered in the Conference

Quark and gluon structure of hadrons:
parton distribution functions, generalized parton distributions, transverse momentum distributions, high-energy hadron reactions,...
Hadron spectroscopy:
heavy quark physics, exotics, N*,...
Hadron interactions and nuclear structure:
hypernuclear physics, kaonic nuclei, baryon interactions,...
Hot and cold dense matter:
quark-gluon plasma, color glass condensate, dense stars, strong magnetic field, mesons in nuclear medium, hadronization, ...


This conference is held with financial supports by
          KEK /J-PARC, RCNP, APCTP, JSPS Grant on Innovative Area,
          Tsukuba Tourism and Convention Association, Tsukuba City.
We also have supports by
          JAEA, RIKEN and SOKENDAI.