Satellite workshops

We are planning the following satellite workshops. We will announce the details on the QNP2018 conference web page later. Note: The first workshop is changed for two days (Nov.18-19) from one day (Nov.18) in the 2nd circular.

(1) Progress on Hadron structure functions in 2018,
      Nov.18-19, 2018, KEK Tsukuba Campus
      Inquiry: Shunzo Kumano (KEK, shunzo.kumano(AT)kek.jp)
      - Nucleon structure, Hadron tomography, Color entanglement
      - Related experimental projects
        (J-PARC, KEKB, RHIC, FNAL, JLab, COMPASS, EIC, Fixed target LHC, etc)
      Organizers: Yuji Goto (Riken), Shunzo Kumano (KEK/J-PARC), Kazuhiro Tanaka (Juntendo U/KEK)

      Note: KEK is about 10km from the QNP2018 conference site.
          There are bus communications between KEK and Tsukuba center,
          so you could stay at hotels in the Tsukuba center area if you wish.
          Alternatively, you could move to the KEK dormitory after the QNP2018 conference.
          If you would like to stay at the KEK dormitory, please inform Shunzo Kumano by email.

(2) Hadron structure and interaction in finite density matter,
      Nov.11-12, 2018, KEK Tokai Campus, hosted by KEK and JAEA,
      Inquiry: Akinobu Dote (KEK, dote(AT)post.kek.jp), Philipp Gubler (JAEA, pgubler(AT)riken.jp)
      - Hadrons and resonances in nuclei/matter
      - Strangeness and charm in nuclei/matter
      - Cold and dense matter equation of state

      Note: This satellite workshop is held at Tokai, which is so far from Tsukuba (about 100km).
      So, people who want to attend the workshop need to book a room of hotel near Tokai
      or Tokai dormitory. If you want to stay at the Tokai dormitory, please inform Akinobu Dote by email.